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Spinal Decompression


FDA-approved nonsurgical spinal decompression is one of the hallmarks of chiropractic treatment and has brought immense relief for those who suffer from acute or unrelenting neck and back pain.  The treatment is especially helpful for patients with sciatica, numbness and pain in the arms and legs, degenerative disc disease, and injured spinal nerve roots.  Patients with bulging, slipped, or herniated discs are the prime candidates for this treatment.  A bulging or herniated disc presses on the nerves that run along the spinal column, causing severe neck pain, back pain, numbness, or weakness in the extremities.  In addition, a bulging or herniated disc can become extremely fragile, and healing nutrients are frequently blocked from accessing the damaged disc.


Decompression Techniques Gently Pull the Discs Back into Place


Spinal decompression moves the spinal discs back into their natural position and relieves pressure on the spinal nerve.  When you go in for your spinal decompression session, Dr. Caruso will secure you to a decompression table using a neck and torso harness or a torso and pelvis harness.  The table is connected to a computer system, which creates a gentle pull that painlessly elongates the neck or back.  Using an advanced logarithm, the computer is able to create a smooth, gentle pull that is customized to your body and comfort level.  Periods of distraction (stretching) alternate with periods of rest.


Decompression creates a vacuum in the space of the spine.  When a disc is bulging or slipped, the spongy material of the disc has moved away from the center of the disc.  The vacuum effect of the spinal decompression sucks the misplaced material back towards the center of the spine, relieving pressure on the nerves and allowing the spine to move back into its normal position.  Spinal decompression also heals the discs themselves.  As the decompression table gently pulls on your spine, it creates a pump-like effect in your spine, which carries blood, nutrients, and oxygen into the disc and forces waste out of it.  Because spinal decompression is so gentle, it moves the vertebrae a little at a time.  Therefore, multiple sessions are required to achieve the full effect.  Treatments usually take 20 minutes.  When you first begin spinal decompression, you may need to come in for two to three sessions per week, but as you progress, you will need less frequent visits.


A Highly Effective and Natural Treatment to Return Your Spinal Discs to Their Proper Place


Spinal decompression uses nothing more than gentle physical force to move the spinal discs back into their natural position and does not require any drugs or surgery.  It provides long-lasting, effective relief using the body's own natural healing processes, and many find the gentle pull of the decompression table to be quite relaxing.  To find out if spinal decompression is right for you, call Dr. Caruso today.  Dr. Caruso will conduct a full examination and work with you to create a treatment plan to finally rid you of your chronic pain.


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